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Basically when a website is created it is done in stages. The very first stage of process is converting the image – a Photoshop image or whatever image – into a design, which is the frame work of a website. People access websites from their computer browsers. These browsers can understand only one language, unique to the computer technology. The very first invention of this language was named as Hyper Text Markup Language – (HTML).

When this understandable language is fed to the computer servers, they easily understand any website. From this primary markup language of HTML, many refinements and upgrades were invented, to meet the growing needs of people for easy access and making use of websites. The next upgrade for HTML was Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML) from the same family. This is an extension to HTML with technical advancements.

During April 2012, there is one more advanced markup language released from World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), which is the Authority for regulating standards for web designing and website creation. employs professional designers and developers, well-versed in all these latest technology markup languages.

We at convert your Photoshop image, or any other image for that matter, into a fully functional website, to suit your purposes. Photoshop image is considered ideal for editing and making a website design, with clarity and finer visibility to the users. So with our expertise, the image you send in is converted into a website, basically by coding and marking up with the specialized language of XHTML.

By using the W3C prescribed XHTML Conversion technique, we make it easier for Search Engines to recognize your website, for its valid compliance with the specifications and standards of the world-forum W3C. With this technically upgraded coding and mark-up language being used by, you stand to gain a lot as the website owner.

Here are a few from the long list:

Unlike HTML, XHTML is a table-less code. The web design is made easier. The background design of your website shines with excellent clarity. It saves time a lot for web designers and so the whole project of web conversion is finished in faster turnaround time. The images to be inserted into your website or web content fit snugly and easily, by this table-less XHTML coding language. So the visitor to your website accessing from any computer browser from across the world can see it clearly, without any distortion as it is.

The text and images are coded and marked up with XHTML and the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) formats used for describing the look of the web pages, they become lighter in weight without tables and load faster in the computer screen of visitors, even in smart-phones.

So you are now able to see the numerous advantages of our using latest XHTML/CSS formatting, to afford your website easy accessibility by multiple browsers, recognition by Search Engines, easy loading on computer screens with clarity and clear visibility, in an eye-pleasing way. You can very well trust us and order for PSD to XHTML Conversion of your images.

Special Features of PSD to XHTML Conversion Service:

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