Before going further, first please understand what is meant by HTML5 and CSS3. As you know there is a separate language understandable by the computer servers, in which all websites are programmed. The basic conversion language for coding was invented years ago, and was named as Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), which is the fundamental language used even today, for converting websites. From this first version, many advancements and upgrades took place over the years, as and when new technology solutions were needed, to make the World Wide Web more prominent, easy to access, solve problems and function well.

The next prominent upgrade of HTML was its extension, to further uses namely – Extensible Hyper Text Mark Up language (XHTML). This is also in use by more than 85% of Website Conversion service providers, all over the world including us – PSD to The World Forum for Website Creation Standards, namely W3C went on modifying, refining and upgrading the coding and markup technology further. Their latest version in the HTML family is HTML5 – which is already released, but still getting refinements.

While using the above markup languages in converting an image – a Photoshop image or any such image – into a functional website, by coding and marking up the web design, side by side there is necessity for using a style sheet language for describing or furnishing the presentation semantics (the way you look at a website). This is called Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Here also, there are developed versions from CSS1, CSS2 and presently CSS3.

Now please understand has versatile professional developers and designers, who are well-versed in these advanced technologies of PSD to Website Conversion Service. Now the table below will explain in a nutshell, the advantages of using HTML5 and CSS3 advanced technologies:

Our experts are trained in HTML5/CSS3 for:

Advantages Your Website derives:

  • Markup Quality is excellent
  • Hand-coded HTML5 with Pixel Perfection
  • SEO Optimization maximized
  • Well structured Website Conversion
  • Superlative turnaround time

  • Improved Code to make Cleaner Website
  • Formatting is stylish and elegantly clear
  • Easy recognition and pickup by crawlers
  • Website functionality is top-class
  • Perfect website floated quickly for profit

By employing the latest Web Development Technologies of HTML5/CSS3, you stand to gain a lot, as the website owner. Present day world is full of smart phones, which are crossing the dream number of 1 billion all over the world. Tomorrow’s web accessibility is going to be larger in volumes through smart phones on the go. So in order to make your website visible with the right color, design, fonts, graphics and other decorations, loading faster along with the web contents, it is essential that HTML5/CSS3 upgrades are to be used in breathing life to the PSD image, or any other image you send in to to convert it as website.

Rest assured and relaxed that your project for PSD to HTML Conversion is vested in safe hands. And your website will be delivered by us in faster turnaround time, excellent features, and above-par functionality, completely SEO optimized and will “deliver” the expected results, as you wished.

For all your queries and doubts, about our highly professional HTML5/CSS3 Conversions, please feel free to contact us anytime – either through email or through our query center.

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