Non Disclosure Agreement

We respect the confidentiality of the business dealings between us, as Client and Conversion Service providers. We solemnly affirm you can take this as our Legal Contract, with regard to our Guarantee of your Privacy and exchange of information with you, in respect of the PSD to HTML Conversion Project undertaken by us.

Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) for clients:

The PSD or any other images or artwork submitted to us, for the purpose of conversion into a website are completely regarded as your Intellectual Properties. will not in any way violate, infringe upon, or misuse Copyright of any or all of these digital properties, in anyway whatsoever. We confirm that under any circumstances, we will not divulge any information you provide us, for the purpose of our carrying out the conversion process to third parties by selling, discussing or revealing as sample, or in any other manner. Your images, artworks and information provided will be with us completely confidential, and highly secretive. We will not get in touch with your clients or any other clients of your clients, directly or indirectly.

Our commitment with regard to security of your data with us:

We solemnly affirm that we take all possible precautions to upkeep highest security to whatever data is collected by us, submitted by you or availed from online sources for the purpose of our undertaking your project of conversion. We will adhere to all safety procedures, to closely guard your data with us by physical efforts, electronic means and professional management against unauthorized access by any outsider. The data will be used only for the purpose it is intended to be used by us, in the legally permitted ways.

Details of information we need for purpose of PSD to HTML conversion:

1) Your email address
2) Relevant information about you as our esteemed client
3) Information those are required for the purpose of undertaking your order of Conversion service, together with images, artwork, source files etc.
4) Information about the client collected through cookies on referred websites

How we use your information:

We guarantee that all information provided to us by you will only remain with us and will never pass or relayed or divulged to any third parties. The personal information collected from you like email address etc. will be used only for interaction with you, at the stages of conversion process and communication with you, after finishing and delivering the finished website to you for further support. Even in the case of advertisements of our services for publicity purposes, only aggregate information of our clients will be used and none of our clients can be identified individually forever. You can rest assured of prevention of your personal identification completely.

How to access your personal information by you, in case of need:

In case you want to access your personal information with us, for correction of any error, additions or alterations, the access will be permitted by us only after checking and rechecking of your genuine identity thoroughly, with a view to safeguard the privacy and secrecy of such information you leave with us, even for making any correction, whatsoever.

How to Contact Us:

In case you need any further clarifications about the Conversion Services undertaken by, you are most welcome to call us on +1 888 992 7246 or complete the form provided at our home page for contact purposes.